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We are a Systems Integration company that makes sense of all of the different solutions and technologies available in the market for organisations to gather and utilise business related data.

What our clients say

  • System Solutions are often called on by clients to provide complex, integrated solutions. We have found Pylot to be a reliable technology partner to use in the more unique technology requirements that sometimes form part of our overall solutions to our clients

    Sean Stewart - Managing Director System Solutions

  • Flight Communications has been working with Pylot since 2012 for various technology requirements. We have aways found their service, ethics and skills to be of the highest standard. Pylot is our 'go

    Philip Coetzee - Managing Director Flight Communications

  • I’ve known Trevor from Pylot for many years. Their skills and knowledge are what differentiates them in this complex technology market. I would recommend Pylot’s services to anybody looking for an end-to-end IoT solution

    Steve McCarley - Managing Director Bosch Munitech

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