Control and Automation


Once Pylot is able to collect meaningful data for a client's environment we have the means to add business value by controlling and automating certain functions within the business. This could be as simple as reducing costs by monitoring and controlling of air conditioning systems through to controlling production machinery. 

Pylot has worked with many control systems including Honeywell Trend, Honeywell Centraline, Arena and Tridium based Niagara open platform, but focusses on using the Siemens mid-range solutions for IoT and basic control systems. The Siemens IoT2020 and IoT2040 units provide all the necessary features for true IoT integration to control systems. The Siemens Logo! product set provides the additional logic control and automation required for most IoT based solutions.

The key to a fully integrated control system is the ability to be flexible in which products and communication protocols to use. There are numerous control protocols such as Modbus, BACnet serial, BACnet IP, serial RS485, LONTalk, DALI, IP open standards, IP closed standards.  Add then the wireless protocols such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, wi-fi, LoRA, RPMA. Pylot is able to design the right solution for the right protocol(s).

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Enabling IoT - The IOT2020 is built around the Intel Quark® x1000 CPU, the open source Yocto Linux Operating System and the Intel System Studio IOT Edition, to implement solutions developed in C/C++ Code in Eclipse and other high-level programming languages by systems integrators.

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Versatile Control capabilities - With 8 basic logic functions and 30/35 special functions, the LOGO! logic module can replace a large number of conventional switching and control devices. The natural logic module choice: LOGO! now is even more versatile for analogue value applications and simple control tasks.

The integrated display of LOGO! can be used to show and change process parameters, as well as for programming of LOGO!.