• Over the past six years Pylot has been involved in numerous projects. Below are just some of the more recent projects that we have done.

  • water metering solution

    Water Metering

    Pylot has been appointed by Bosch Munitch to deliver an Ingenu RPMA network solution to monitor water consumption of farmers from rivers, in the area of the Lower Berg , Western Cape. This includes the modems for the meters as well as the Pylot Portal front-end management system.

    With the drought having a huge impact in the western part of our country, irrigation boards are requiring more visibility in to consumption of river water by farmers. The solution provides each farmer with access on the web portal and mobile app, as well as an overall view of all water meters for teh irrigation board.

    The solution is an end-to-end IoT application with Bosch Munitech supplying and installing the water meters, and Pylot providing the modems, Ingenu radio netwrok access points, radio high sites and Pylot Portal for viewing of data and reports.

  • Sugar grower pilot project

    Pylot is currenlty working with a large privately owned sugar grower to determine the benefits of IoT in this sector. The project includes collecting data from soil moisture probes, water pressure sensors, rain gauges, control pumps and dam levels to optimise water and electricity consumption on the farm.

    Update : This pilot has been succesfully completed and the farmer has started to roll the solution out in to production

  • Mining communications project

    Pylot deployed a digital signage solution for a large mining group to distribute safety messaging and statistics to all mine staff. The project covered five mines across South Africa and Zambia. 

    This is an on-going project that started in 2014 and will expand across more of the mining group's sites.

  • BMS and digital signage integration

    This project involved integrating the Navori digital signage platform in to a client's Jonsson based building managment system (BMS). The purpose was to interrogate the status of the lifts in the building and by placing display screens in strategic lift foyer areas, display warning messages when certain lifts were out of order or in maintenance. During normal operation when all lifts are working, the internal marketing and communications departments utilise the displays for getting internal staff messages across.